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SubjectRe: stallion.c patch for devfs
Russell Coker writes:
> I made the following patch for the stallion non-intelligent driver based on
> cut/paste from serial.c. I have tested it and it works, the directories
> /dev/tte and /dev/cue are correctly created when the module is inserted.
> Could this please be put in to 2.4.0-test8?
> Please note that this patch is to be applied after the stallion.c file has
> been moved from the drivers/media/video directory to the drivers/char
> directory.

So submit a patch that will do this: it will make is easier on
Linus. And we all know what that means...

> +#if (LINUX_VERSION_CODE > 0x2032D && defined(CONFIG_DEVFS_FS))

This is overkill. All you need is CONFIG_DEVFS_FS. It makes no sense
to tie it to kernel versions.


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