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    SubjectRe: Suggestion for laptop suspension
    Richard Stallman writes:
    > Filling memory to zero does not help for my laptop. Perhaps it is
    > weird.
    > But this particular obscure model of laptop is not important. The
    > thing is to handle most laptops, to make suspending faster for most
    > users, and to build it in by default so that it works "out of the box"
    > on most machines.

    Well, while it would be a good option to have, I'm not sure it's a
    good idea to make it the default. If you flush the buffer+page caches,
    then later you will need to repopulate them. That will require
    *random* disc activity (i.e. head seeks all over the place).
    Contrast that to suspend-to-disc which uses a single contiguous

    What would be nicer is if when you suspend, you record the cached
    block numbers (and then flush+clear the caches), and on resume kick
    off a daemon/kernel thread which touches those blocks, bringing them
    back into the caches. Rate-limit the daemon so that "urgent"
    (i.e. what the user needs *now*) I/O is only marginally affected.

    And since that daemon has time to repopulate, it can re-order the I/O
    to avoid head seeks.

    Such a scheme I would like to be the default.


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