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SubjectRe: [bug] test8-preX crashes X on APM resume >>>Re: [Fwd: Returned mail: see transcript for details]
From: "David Ford" <>

> Alan Cox wrote:
> > > My server is in the tested/good list w/ orbs. Aren't you following your
own advice
> > > about properly setting up your MTA to allow good guys and stop bad guys in
> > > with ORBS DNS?
> >
> > I get too much junk to care about it.
> >
> > Alan
> How are we supposed to properly contact maintainers and post bugs and
solutions when
> you're rejecting our mail?

Unfoam thy mouth David. And while you are at it clean up YOUR email filters.
It appears that both you and Alan have mail blocking hangovers from the ill
conceived and IMHO unethical black hole project that Paul Vixie runs. I am
not sure about "" at all. But I am aware that Earthlink filters
junk mail. It does not do it in a manner Paul approves of since it does not use
his dns based crud. Instead if uses a slowdown process for repeated message
from a single source. The server slows its response as more messages are
posted reaching delays of several minutes per message. It makes spamming
through Earthlink's email processes a very slow and unprofitable process.

I have a pair of email addresses, one at Earthlink and one at BIX. In the last
two years or more I have not received more than two spams that I could
actually trace back to earthlink. I have received several that had forged
headers indicating earthlink as the source. The mail was not, however, sent
through earthlink. I suggest both you, David, and you, Alan, revise your filters
to match reality rather than your past prejudices.

(What is interesting in Alan's case is that one email from me made it
through and a more recent one didn't. I figure on the more recent one
"scroot". I'll let someone else find the problem and solve it. I haven't the
time to plan idiot email filter games and I have better things to do than
work and have my email rejected. So I simply wander off elsewhere
for awhile until the children grow up. I just HAD to respond to David's
being the pot foaming at the mouth calling the Alan Cox kettle black.)


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