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Subject[: Re: devfs config patch]
----- Forwarded message from Richard Gooch <> -----

Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2000 23:34:55 -0600
From: Richard Gooch <>
To: Tom Rini <>
Subject: Re: devfs config patch
In-Reply-To: <20000902195318.A12929@opus.bloom.county>

Tom Rini writes:
> Hello. I've attached a minor config patch for devfs. It's vs 2.4.0-test7
> but really should be fine vs your current version. Basically, I made
> the mount & debug config options dependant on devfs being set first.
> This removes 2 extra lines from .config when devfs isn't used (cosmetic)
> and if you later choose to use devfs, the mount & debug options aren't already
> set for you.
> --- fs/ Sat Sep 2 19:49:13 2000
> +++ fs/ Sat Sep 2 19:50:04 2000
> @@ -44,8 +44,10 @@
> bool '/proc file system support' CONFIG_PROC_FS
> dep_bool '/dev file system support (EXPERIMENTAL)' CONFIG_DEVFS_FS $CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL
> -dep_bool ' Automatically mount at boot' CONFIG_DEVFS_MOUNT $CONFIG_DEVFS_FS
> -dep_bool ' Debug devfs' CONFIG_DEVFS_DEBUG $CONFIG_DEVFS_FS
> +if [ "$CONFIG_DEVFS" != "n" ] ; then
> + dep_bool ' Automatically mount at boot' CONFIG_DEVFS_MOUNT $CONFIG_DEVFS_FS
> + dep_bool ' Debug devfs' CONFIG_DEVFS_DEBUG $CONFIG_DEVFS_FS
> +fi

This is what I had originally. It looks like someone has changed
it. Complain to Linus (and send him your patch). Please Cc: me so I
can see any discussions that might ensue.



----- End forwarded message -----

In keeping with Richards wishes, what happened? Did this just get accidently
backed out, or was it intentional? I know there are a few other config options
which are like this (inital ramdisk is set to n if ramdisk is m, all of the
raid options are set to n if raid is n, instead of being not set at all).

Tom Rini (TR1265)
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