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SubjectRe: IBM RS600 support ?

> A newer RS6000 station has a powerPC as the processor.
> Does anybody has an experience about running linux on one of these
> stations ? Is there a port compatible with RS6000 ?

IBM officially supports Linux on the 43P-150 (workstation), the F50
(small server) and the B50 (rackmount server) -- which are all CHRP.
Possibly also the 43P-260, I can't remember. They might also have more
by now, this was some time ago.

I tried a 43P-150 for fun awhile back. I could tell it really wanted
to boot Linux. But fairly early on, it hung. My theory is that it may
have booted the whole way up but the console just quit working. We
have GXT-2000P graphics cards in these things, which Linux doesn't
support, and apparently I misunderstood 'offb' which I thought was for
anything supported by Open Firmware. (Sort of like vesafb.)

(Not that the GXT-2000P doesn't work worth a crap even under AIX until
you get v4.3.3 with $BIGNUM patch levels on the driver filesets....)

I'd really *like* to pull the ATI out of the powermac down the hall and
see how it likes the 43P, but unfortunately it's AGP....

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