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SubjectRe: What is up with Redhat 7.0?t
On Sat, Sep 30, 2000 at 08:08:40PM +0100, Alan Cox <> wrote:
> for Caldera, Transmeta, SuSE and others I expect. So I dont think you can
> work on the basis they have any influence over me.

The logic is not quite right, but tt's definitely another story indeed.

> > the largest one, and they started the trend to monopolize the market at
> > the cost of morality, ethics and free software.
> Which is why I think you are a nut, because your technical comments don't
> match the above.

Well, at least you acknowledge that I *also* made technical comments - you
bluntly ignored them so far.

> If I thought Red Hat was damaging free software I wouldnt be working for
> them. I'd probably be working for another truely open source vendor of
> which there are several.

Sorry if you understood it that way - I certainly didn't want to attack
you personally. What I was attacking is the technically (and in their
consequences morally) unsound decisions redhat did as the first of the
major gnu/linux distribs.

Taken on it's own, redhat never did anything which is not "politically
correct" or "was just a bug that has been fixed". However, that redhat
claims to maintain linux, gcc and other major projects (which is
absolutely untrue) is an open secret - just look at
where redhat openly announces _their_ projects (like source navigator,
binutils and gcc).

> Various people I associate with being senior in both glibc and gcc (people
> like Ulrich Drepper and Jeff Law) were involved in the compiler and glibc

they were involved, but I have reason to doubt that they actually agreed.

> to the temporary ABI in 2.95 first - whomever that was - I don't know, or
> on the gcc people who couldnt keep the ABI stable.

This really is an affront on your side, twisting reality quite a bit - the
gcc releases certainly are backwards compatible (with regards to old gcc
features), and, mind you, who broke the ABI? the gcc people????

Sorry, the only ones who actually broke anything major were redhat, this
is a hard fact.

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