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SubjectRe: What is up with Redhat 7.0?
> projects because they receive bogus bug reports because redhat shipped
> a broken, experimental, unreleased compiler as if it were an official
> version. Worse, creating a maintainance nightmare for almost everybody by

They released a supported ex-Cygnus people approved compiler. Its not the
compiler I would have chosen, since I prefer to use old compilers whenever
possible, but 2.95 isnt binary compatible with anything past or future and
egcs 1.1.2 isnt a good idea when you wish to build things like Mozilla or

I get a _lot_ of bug reports caused by people shipping broken kernels. The
RH kernel patches are ones I went through and are mostly 2.2.17pre stuff needed
for important fixes or stuff already tested

Want to complain about the USB code, flame the SuSE people who did the backport
work first, or perhaps you'd prefer to insult the volunteers who wrote most of
the USB code initially ?

Want to complain about the DRM/AGP code, then flame Xfree86 and
precision insight who did that work, many of them as volunteers ..

If you want to moan about shipping stuff like AGP/DRM, USB then remember
to flame SuSE, Conectiva, and especially Mandrake as well - all of them made
up of hardworking people trying to do what they think is best for Linux. I
*want* people to be prepared to ship new and innovative things. If everyone
complains about not shipping precise reference kernels then all of a sudden
for 2.2 I become some annointed high power of approval for vendors - that is
something I don't wish to be and which would be very very bad for Linux. Do
you really want a world where you cannot buy a distribution with 2.2 that
has Reiserfs because Alan Cox refused to merge it with the mainstream ?

> making redhat binary incompatibly to other linux distributions, therefore
> effectively forking gnu/linux in a way unseen before.(*)

The fact this was done to help binary compatibility aside ?

> (*) redhat is a major distribution and obviously now plays monopoly games.

Its alt.conspiracy.kook time

Let me metion the Nazi's. Now can the thread die ?

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