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SubjectRe: What is up with Redhat 7.0?
> to spot it, and ditto with any others who do the same. If everyone could have
> agreed a name for the kernel compiler that would be even better.

Sorry, I was probably unclear as I wasn't about the name of the compiler,
nor the neccissity of using an outdated gcc version for kernel compiles.

> As to compatibility I am told by folks working on the gnu C/C++ that library
> level compatibility should be 100% between 2.96+ and 3.0 while 2.95 is an
> isolated incompatible pseudo-release at C++ level.

The problem is not the library level but the ABI that did change and will
change, which is widely known and should have been pointed out by your
informants :(

Anyway, this is really starting to be off-topic, sorry..

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