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Subject[PATCH-2.2] Bonding Driver Enhancements + Security fix
Hello Thomas !

I've slightly enhanced the bonding code :
- MII link checking with automatic slave enabling/disabling :
Now the bond interface monitors all its MII-compliant slaves
and disables the ones which have a dead link, and enables those
which have a good one. The link check time defaults to 1 second
but I've seen no overhead even at 30 ms.

- slave release is now possible with a running bond
- SMP-safe enslave/release/check/stats/xmit
- fix a security bug which allowed anybody to enslave any active interface,
thus making a local denial of service.
- fix a potential infinite loop in bond_xmit() if no slave is useable.

It now works very well for me, and the removal of a link becomes
completely transparent now. On monday, I'll trunk it to an alteon switch.

I've stressed the enslave/release code during "ping -f" and links up/down,
but triggered absolutely no problem. I think it's stable enough to include it
in 2.2.18 (Alan CC'ed for this). I'd like Constantine to test it on his servers
because it should do exactly what he needed, and send us his feedback.

The attached patch is against 2.2.17.


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