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SubjectRe: What is up with Redhat 7.0?
On Sat, Sep 30, 2000 at 07:30:50PM +0100, Alan Cox <> wrote:
> pgcc just didnt work. I got to the point where the kernel list stuff I had
> actually had pgcc filtered. Because it was kernel crash pgcc this, kernel
> wont compile pgcc that.

Well, I grant that supporting pgcc is not an option for you, but most bugs
with respect to pgcc have been fixed in the kernel since quite some time,
mainly due to your work of fixing linux with respect to gcc-2.95 ;)

However, I think attacking other free softwrae projects because of *bugs*
is just childish at this point - after all, this discussion was about
supporting distributions that - without technical reasons - make their
products incompatible to what one would call "standard linux", and that I
do not think that the kernel should support such doings.

> Now we can't both be right so whats your point. He's entitled to have a
> pathalogical hatred of Red Hat and I'm entitled to think he's a kook.

I am talking about facts, while you keep ignoring facts and attack me on a
very personal level. I've never been a "kook" on this list or elsewhere if
you care to remember, and if you don't, a look into the list archives will
show this (or use google to find more about me).

If you disagree personally or technically with me you either say this
in public or private or keep quiet. Attacking me over totally unrelated
things is obviously some maneuver to distract people from the real,
kernel-related question, and I have no idea why you are doing this...

After all, even if you do work for redhat, the way redhat actively damages
linux (the kernel), other distributions (who probably would like to do the
same) and free softwrae projects JUST NOW should not leave you quietly
obeying (mind you, I am not the only one saying this).

Redhat certainly is not special compared to other distros. But redhat is
the largest one, and they started the trend to monopolize the market at
the cost of morality, ethics and free software.

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