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SubjectRe: ide-scsi seems to inhibit mounting CD-ROMs
On Sat, 30 Sep 2000, Timothy Little wrote:

> >> When using ide-scsi to access a CDRW writer, the recording process works
> >> but I am not able to mount any CD-ROM media in that drive for reading.
> >
> >And here it's exactly the opposite :)
> >
> >If anyone has a Philips CDD-36xx drive and cdrecord works, a private email
> >would be gladly welcome.
> I think I went through almost every combination before getting it
> right. There are about 10 different ways to get it wrong that look
> plausible. It is even possible to get it wrong *after* following the
> documentation, so I did.

My CD-RW is a Phillips CDD-3610. I'm not sure who the person wanting
input from a Phillips user was so I hope that person is reading here. I
got cdrecord working by NOT compiling in ATAPI CD ROM support, and by
compiling ide-scsi emulation as built-in rather than modular. I have a
"regular" atapi cdrom and the above Phillips drive, both on the
secondary IDE interface. the cdrom ends up at /dev/scd0 and the cdrw
ends up at /dev/scd1.

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