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SubjectRe: ide-scsi seems to inhibit mounting CD-ROMs
>> When using ide-scsi to access a CDRW writer, the recording process works 
>> but I am not able to mount any CD-ROM media in that drive for reading.
>And here it's exactly the opposite :)
>If anyone has a Philips CDD-36xx drive and cdrecord works, a private email
>would be gladly welcome.

With my Matsushita CW-7585 rewriter, I had both problem at various
stages (and one stage where neither reading nor writing worked).

I did get it working, after careful scouring of documentation, some of
which is out of date or has chunks missing.

Some relevant kernel-config options from 'make menuconfig', with
comments follow.

In ATA/IDE/MFM/RLL support -> IDE, ATA and ATAPI Block devices:
< > Include IDE/ATAPI CDROM support
<*> SCSI emulation support

If the former option was selected, I could mount a CDROM from
/dev/hdc. However cdrecord failed, since ATAPI support overrides SCSI
emulation. The documentation doesn't seem to mention that SCSI
emulation is required for cdrecord (it only mentions SCSI generic
support). Of course, it's obvious in hindsight.

In SCSI support:
<*> SCSI CD-ROM support
<*> SCSI generic support

Without ATAPI support, 'mount' needs CDROM support via the SCSI
emulation. On my system, the relevant block device is /dev/scd0
(major 11, minor 0). The device /dev/hdc does not work, as the ATAPI
driver is not present. Your /etc/fstab needs to reflect this.

My CD-RW needs SCSI generic support for cdrecord. The associated
character device is /dev/sga (major 21, minor 0).

I think I went through almost every combination before getting it
right. There are about 10 different ways to get it wrong that look
plausible. It is even possible to get it wrong *after* following the
documentation, so I did.

I hope this tale of my experiences helps someone else get it working.

- Tim
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