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    SubjectRe: What is up with Redhat 7.0?
    On Sat, 30 Sep 2000, Marc Lehmann wrote:

    > OTOH, might get pressed into not doing incompatible
    > changes,

    We're doing no such thing.
    If we did this sort of thing, he would have been pressed into releasing
    glibc 2.2 in time. did have some influence on choosing the
    glibc for 7.0 though, so we're confident no major changes will be

    > This might not
    > mean anything, however, since redhat was most probably ignoring their
    > own people (e.g. from cygnus) who I really believe didn't support their
    > decision.

    The opposite is the case. They didn't want to have to support a dead
    branch (2.1/2.95).

    > Redhat might just hack their libc to be redhat-7.0 compatible
    > later...

    That's what we'll do if any incompatible changes will be necessary -
    fortunately glibc supports versioning.


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