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    Subject[PATCH] further ruminations on 2.2.18-pre13 $(CC) definition

    > o Fix the 'which' compiler stuff (Horst von Brand,
    > Peter Samuelson)
    > | Can someone verify for me this works on Slackware and
    > | on Caldera ?

    It has been said that at least one version of Slackware has the 'which
    reports errors to stdout' bug. So I think we need to return to an ugly
    yet robust version.

    Note that this patch also uses ':=' instead of '='. The latter has the
    unpleasant effect of evaluating the shell expression every time $(CC)
    is referenced, whereas the former just assigns it a fixed value once.
    To be honest, the whole series of variables should use ':=', but it
    doesn't really matter for the others.


    --- 2.2.18-13/Makefile~ Sat Sep 30 19:32:29 2000
    +++ 2.2.18-13/Makefile Sat Sep 30 19:40:50 2000
    @@ -22,9 +22,10 @@

    -CC =$(shell if [ -n "$(CROSS_COMPILE)" ]; then echo $(CROSS_COMPILE)cc; else \
    - which gcc272 2>/dev/null || which kgcc 2>/dev/null || echo cc; fi) \
    - -D__KERNEL__ -I$(HPATH)
    +CC := $(shell if [ -n "$(CROSS_COMPILE)" ]; then echo $(CROSS_COMPILE)cc; \
    + elif which gcc272 >/dev/null 2>&1; then echo gcc272; \
    + elif which kgcc >/dev/null 2>&1; then echo kgcc; \
    + else echo cc; fi) -D__KERNEL__ -I$(HPATH)
    CPP =$(CC) -E
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