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SubjectRe: Standard Linux (Was What is up with Redhat 7.0?)
On Sat, Sep 30, 2000 at 02:39:00PM -0700, Michael Peddemors <> wrote:
> That RedHat Thread was degrading into a name calling match...

And a pile of misunderstandings as well.

> ie should we say that ALL distros have to ship with, and be compatible with the
> standard kernel?

Define compatible. Your FreeS/WAN does not make binaries compiled on your
distro inherently incompatible with others.

Of course, gnu/linux distributions are free to drop a lot of things (like
the gnu prefix) and create something entirely non-standard. However, major
distributions also have a responsibility.

Also, what means "open" in this respect? Should redhat or suse be able to
create a version of the linux kernel that runs ELF+ binaries and generates
them by default under some circumstances? Requiring special redhat/suse
packages to run them on other distros?

This is what I feel RH is currently doing, and did in the past, although
the past problems could have been simple bugs like in any other project.
and the responsibility argument really only applies to the big players,
not something like RTLinux.

(I do agree with most of the unquoted parts of your mail, btw.)

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