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SubjectRe: What is up with Redhat 7.0?
In article <20000930213656.G11324@cerebro.laendle>,
Marc Lehmann <> wrote:
>Taken on it's own, redhat never did anything which is not "politically
>correct" or "was just a bug that has been fixed". However, that redhat
>claims to maintain linux, gcc and other major projects (which is
>absolutely untrue) is an open secret - just look at
>where redhat openly announces _their_ projects (like source navigator,
>binutils and gcc).

I believe that any happy talk you find on the "" web
page predates the Red Hat/Cygnus merger. The words probably came from
the gdb developer who was instrumental in getting funding within Cygnus
for setting up a T1 and a system to support the external free software
community. I am fairly certain that there was little or no marketing
intent. There was a 's/Cygnus/Red Hat/g' operation on the web page
at some point, though, of course.

What you are apparently reading as an announcement of ownership is the
intermingling of things like news of the release of the Source Navigator
sources with news of the binutils release. Personally, I think it is a
stretch to construe that as Red Hat crowing about ownership of binutils
but since you have interpreted it this way, it's likely that others have

As a Red Hat employee and one of the site
administrators, I'll look into changing the words to make things clearer
and to better delineate what is an FSF project, what is a Red Hat
project, and what is just a random "Joe Hacker" sponsored project.

I don't recall any previous complaints about the wording of the site, but, really, all you have to do is mention it
if you find something objectionable. We're happy to correct anything
which gives a misperception. And, I personally apologize if the site
which I help administer is giving people the wrong impression.

I can just imagine the headlines when I change things, though: "Red Hat
bows to external pressure from irate open source community."

-- Cygnus Solutions, a Red Hat company
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