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SubjectGPL violations: make it harder
Andre Hedrick wrote:

> My and co-worker's code for doing full taskfile access under linux was
> rejected here but is being used in MicroSoft Whistler 2001. They are
> quick to grab the very best of Linux and adopt it for their own.

? You mean that they did it illegally and you can show a way to prove it ?

If it is true and cant be justified in court, then it can be justified trough
good reverse-engineering programs, by lynching.

I have been following it in this list for longer - you cut the thing you are
sitting on when telling people who say "I saw GNU licence violation"
to not to bother or turn to other organization...

There is overproduction of generic-purpose software in world and
of course lots of companies are going to bancrupt soon, but if you
continue this way, GPL is going the same way...

Nobody really needs cutting edge software anymore, people need
working software. It is very generic change - after every revolution
there come merchants who take over.
I'd prefer it to be open source. Then it is fair. Of course it wont be
any giveaway there then.


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