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SubjectRE: USB problems and 2.4.0 hangs

> Hi all.
> I'd installed the backport of the USB patch (to 2.2.16) and had the
> following problem:
> After a few inches of printing a graphics page (ghostscript
> output), the
> whole printing job would just hang. Only exit was switching
> the printer
> on/off and removing the print job. The printer is an HP810C
> and (I suspect)
> the problem is at the VIA chipset (VT82C586).
> After a few frustrating tries, I moved to kernel 2.4.0-test7,
> suspecting
> that maybe there was a problem with the backport. Results:
> Exactly the same print problem: hangs after 5 - 10 cm of printing a
> graphics page (text mode works ok).

Please enable all kernel log messages (Alt-SysRq-9 or
boot with: linux_image_name debug), reproduce the problem,
and send the kernel log after the printing hangs.


> But, after installing 2.4.0, yesterday, I had two misterious
> hangs of the
> operating system - apparently nothing to do with the tasks that were
> running - they were completely different.
> Just in case: the printer is driven by the apsfilter, which works fine
> when using the parallel port.
> Thanks on beforehand!
> John
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