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SubjectAW: Linux kernel modules development in C++
i don't want to start discussing the pros and cons of using C++ in kernel
BUT: why do we blame people if they want to?
It is possible to produce stable and good C++ modules (i have one for a
framegrabber device) and it is much easier to port already exsiting C++
drivers from windows to linux.
So all i want to ask for is to give an easy way to people to
write their modules in C++. All we have to do is to change some few
lines in the kernel (the variable names "class", "public" and so on).
I'm VERY sure, that after this annoying problem is solved, we have
a C++ capsule which can be used by hardware manufacturers to
provide their Linux-drivers very fast by porting them from windows to
Linux by using a generic (C++) interface.
I don't need a very good and fast operating system, because of being
written in C, which is not supported by my hardware...
Somebody thought about that?????
In my opinion we should not change the whole system to C++,
that would be very crazy (although i'm quite sure the quality of
Linux would increase), but I want to choose the language i'm
writing my device drivers in.
And if the changes are so ridiculous small, why don't we start doing
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