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SubjectRE: Linux kernel modules development in C++
But but but.. wasn't the very first C++ compilers really just a preprocessor
into standard C?

I went to a advanced C course, a year or so ago, and the guy showed us how
to write OO code in C that went a little beyond everyday encapsulation. At
the end, he told us that that was the type of code that the old C++
preprocessors used to output.


> -----Original Message-----
> > > Nothing. What I was saying if you want some OO language in the kernel,
> C++
> > > is the only option I guess. Mixing languages is a pain..
> >
> > There is no such thing as "OO language". There is OO style and there are
> > ways to use it when you are writing in almost any language. And OO in C
> is
> > not harder than OO in C++, provided that you are not trying to write in
> > C++ and translate line-by-line into C.
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