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SubjectBUG in sched.c: 698 / Oops in test9-pre7
Amazing quantity of oopsen in test9-pre7.

Acres of addresses are printk-ed to my serial terminal, while one oops after
another happens. Usually, it happens when Netscape tries talking to our
NNTP server over the Tulip (Linux Tulip driver version 0.9.10 (September 6,
2000)) card. It takes about 2/3 of a day for the system to die in this way.
We have 192MB ram, and very little (if any) of the 512MB swap is used when
it falls over. Seti@home is running constantly.

However, scrolling past, one can make out:

BUG in sched.c: 698
...Invalid operand 0000

time and time again.

The final oops printed nothing but a stack trace (at 9600 baud) for twenty
minutes, so I hit the big button.

2.4.0-test7 did not do this.


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