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SubjectRE: reading 1 hardsector size, not one block size
> > > That's what prevents linear raid and proper NTFS support 
> from working on
> > > "odd sized" partitions...
> >
> >But the question was about reading from disk, not about reading
> >from partition.

Actually, that's next. In EFI, all partitions have a starting LBA and
ending LBA on the disk. So, it would be easy to have an "odd sized"
partition. In my current case, I would care about reading/writing to a FAT
file system on that partition, or potentially any type file system. My
fdisk enhancement will guarantee that only "even sized" partitions are
created, but if someone else's partitioning program weren't so careful, I'd
still have to live with the consequences.

If I know a partition has a FAT file system on it, may I leave the block
size == hard sector size, and mount it?


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