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SubjectBuffers, Blocks and Lockups

I borrowed the block_write code from fs/block_dev.c. When I am doing a
write the task locks up in schedual() - wait_on_buffer(). This means
that the buffer is locked, and stays locked.

The funny thing is when I do a 'dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/igf0 bs=1024
count=16' the driver works and write zeros. But when I open the device
in a different program, it locks up. The first block is written the it

I have put printk() of the buffer flags and both (dd and my program)look
the same. I am writting to a flash device that does not produce

I am waiting for sourceforge to give me a project so I can post the
source. but fs/block_dev.c block_write() is the same code, almost

Shaun Savage
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