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    SubjectRe: Anyone working on multi-threaded core files for 2.4 ?
    On Fri, Sep 29, 2000 at 01:34:47PM +0100, James Cownie wrote:
    > I was aiming at the simplest and in my mind most obvious thing, which
    > is to have the standard ELF coreer dump handle multiple threads in the
    > same way as it does on many other systems. The lack of these causes
    > shrieks of amazement from many of our customers :-(
    > This is not rocket science, and there are already debuggers (gdb, our
    > product TotalView, ...) which know how to understand such core dumps
    > if only the kernel produced them.
    > Now that the kernel has mechanisms for finding all the threads in a
    > process, the actual dump writing should be relatively simple. (You
    > need to write the appropriate register notes for every thread, rather
    > than just one).
    > You seem to be aiming for a much more featureful solution (also
    > applicable to checkpointing ?), I'm simply aiming to catch up with
    > existing practice on many other operating systems.

    I have been thinking about adding this for some time. Post mortem
    analysis of multi-threaded programs is a Good Thing(tm). I haven't
    heard any news on whether anyone has started implementation of the
    ideas kicked around on this list with regards to the thread group ID.
    It seemed like a good kernel compromise to bring Linux up to speed
    with other OSs. I should probably get on the glibc mailing list as
    well since there would have to be some changes made there to make
    things work properly.

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