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SubjecteDirectory Trustee and User Space IOCTL() in NWFS


I have not provided the Trustee and User Space node IOCTL()'s in the
current NWFS that posted, but they exist in the Ute-Linux version
shipping Oct 1 that supports our NDS implementation.
I talked to the Novell guys doing eDirectory on Linux at N+I, and at
present, they emulate this stuff with files and a database rather than
store it in the Native NetWare formats, which are inferior to using the
built in model provided by the file system.

Do you guys want to use it this way and suck up tons of disk space, as
well as exposing the NDS data sets to hackers and possibly risking them
getting deleted, or would you rather use it the way it was designed? If
so, I am posting again this weekend with the page cache support enabled
and all the ability to use NWFS as a root file system, and I can include
these IOCTL() calls for the Trustee Chains (where NDS permissions are
stored for users) and User Nodes (which contain backlinks to quota

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