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SubjectRe: Posting to this list without 500 bounces?


I am with you guys fully now, and the fork in the road has been taken.
We are now a Linux and Open Source shop. I appreciate your kind
comments. I have created an alternate email account for you and telnet
login at I can also host any domain name you wish
to use. We have four right now.

You can use any of them, or create one of your own and I'll be happy to
host it in my DNS zone files. I will need your IP address range to
allow you to come through the firewall and manage your own account. I
will send you the password via private email. You are free to use this
account to avoid the bouncing problems if you wish to.


Your friend,


"Mike A. Harris" wrote:
> Oops.. I just realized my response to you did not go to the list
> Jeff, and I feel that a public response was deserved, so I've
> forwarded my message below.
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 07:17:34 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Mike A. Harris <>
> To: Jeff V. Merkey <>
> Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII
> Subject: Re: Posting to this list without 500 bounces?
> On Wed, 27 Sep 2000, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:
> >You can have a mail account on one of my servers for FREE and FOREVER.
> >I would be happy to host an email account for you if you like. What do
> >you want your account to be? I will create an email account, and if you
> >want this, then tell me and I'll have our IS guy forward you a password.
> >:-)
> Jeff,
> This is a surprise response indeed. {O.O}
> Although I don't always agree with you and your comments - mostly
> because I am a die-hard Linux advocate (as you've no doubt seen
> many times) and you sometimes seem to push different people's
> buttons either out of frustration, or perhaps sometimes just for
> a laugh (which I am guilty of sometimes myself), you do try to
> make amends afterwards usually. (Holy run-on sentence batman..)
> I've watched this in the past and didn't always feel you were
> truely genuine, however maybe I was wrong.
> I get pretty upset over certain types of issues WRT Linux, and my
> comments to you in the past have been very harsh as a result.
> The last "blast" I had with you, I more or less expected an equal
> blast back, however I didn't quite expect the non-irate response
> that I actually did get back, and so I thought perhaps you
> weren't so hard headed in the first place, and that maybe I
> should have relaxed a bit before responding.
> I thought perhaps I'd been a too hard on you, but I wasn't sure
> as you are a really difficult guy to peg and understand where
> you're truely coming from. It's hard to tell when you're serious
> about things, and when you're joking around, or perhaps just
> trolling a bit or releasing steam. I suppose I'm that way too
> myself sometimes though.
> I thought of doing the right thing and dropping you a line of
> apology as I believe 2 wrongs don't make a right. I was still
> pissed off a bit though, and wasn't sure about your motives WRT
> Linux and the fluctuations of the discussions that were going on
> at the time, so I thought I'd hold back and see what direction
> things went next.
> With your discussion of an NTFS driver, etc.. that followed, the
> ball bounced back to "Jeff does seem serious about Linux after
> all", and so I was again not sure about you - which has always
> been a part of the frustration as well. ;o) One minute Linux
> sucks, and NT rocks, and the next NT sucks and Linux rocks..
> You're a very dynamic minded guy! ;o)
> Anyway, I think I'm beginning to understand you a bit more now,
> and that will likely help me take a pill next time I disagree
> with you, instead of lashing out. I don't like getting into
> nasty flames with *anyone*, but of course sometimes that is where
> human nature ends up taking things.
> I am not one to hold a grudge however, even if I disagree with
> someone strongly. I don't know if you were around for the GPL /
> APC UPS flamewar with Andre Hedrick a few years back or not, but
> me and Andre had some pretty harsh words, and in less than a week
> we had cleaned that all up, and have been on the "same side" ever
> since. He's a pretty cool guy, and so I'm glad that we amended
> that situation when we did.
> It looks like we too are now doing the same, and this is a good
> step. It shows we can both start out by being childish jerks
> sometimes, and then smell the coffee, realize what really
> matters, set ourselves straight, get our minds focussed again on
> Linux, clean out the grudge closet, and then be sane rational
> adults once again. ;o) It's all a part of the big open source
> family. ;o)
> Negative energy is very counter productive, and contagious as
> well, so when someone turns it around into positive energy, it is
> a good thing indeed.
> This is something that has been bothering me for the last week or
> so, especially after having a few day cooloff period, and so I'm
> glad that you have initiated this discussion by showing good over
> bad. I only wish now that I had done the same a week ago.
> Well, at any rate, I extend my apology to you for the personal
> attacks I've blasted you with on lk in the past, and I hope that
> we can put it all behind us and move on, and perhaps you will now
> see me in a different light as well.
> Have a good one!
> Take care,
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