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SubjectRe: Linux kernel modules development in C++

> > Timur Tabi wrote:
> > > The real advantage comes when you're writing a driver where the design is
> > > inherently object-oriented. I can't give an example in Linux...
> >
> > The VFS is inherently object-oriented. Each filesystem works by
> > overriding a few methods stored in function table structs. The MM is
> > well on its way to being object-oriented - check out 'struct
> > address_space'.
> Check also vm_area_struct - that's what memory contexts consist of
> (user memory consists of objects that correspond to areas; pagein,
> pageout, etc. are methods of these objects; mmap() and friends
> create/manipulate/destroy them). File mappings (both shared and
> private) are derived classes, ditto for attached shm segment, etc.

To bad I don't have time to get the basic kernel code.. Would be a good
investment in time I guess.

I assume the above struct holds pointers to the essential function
calls, with a NULL value if the're not overridden (defaults) ?


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