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SubjectRe: [PATCH] cs89x0.c: get rid of check_region() wrote:
> Hi all,
> this patch removes this old check_region() crap, also some lines are
> changed to conform with /linux/drivers/Documentation/CodingStyle :)

Thanks. Patch looks OK. I'll fix a couple of error-path memleaks in
init_module() which just jumped out at me, test it and then forward to
jgarzik for inclusion in his next driver drop. This will (hopefully) be

> If here is no objection, I'll walk through /linux/drivers/net
> and continue check_region removing.

That sounds useful, but remember that once test9 comes out, Linus is
only accepting things which are critical bugfixes or which are on the
TODO list. So you may care to batch this stuff up for after 2.4.0.

If you find something critical then I'd suggest you submit that and not
include any of the whitespace readjustments - that'll increase the
chances of the patch making it to
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