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SubjectRe: Posting to this list without 500 bounces?
> I had the same problem;  the DUL people said there had been people spamming
> from my ISP, so they blocked _every_ user from that ISP (which is quite big)
> I found very annoying that it just took a Joe Spammer to rip me from my
> right to run sendmail on my PC. Funny, huh?
> So I switched ISPs and hope it takes a while to happen again. :|

When I was researching the use of ORBS and MAPS a few weeks
back, my first thought was that the DUL would unfairly block Linux
users running Sendmail. Looks like that's true.

The DUL's rationale is very suspect. The logic goes... Some
spammers use SMTP from their dial-up PCs to send spam, so we'll
block their ISP's dial-up address ranges. Not to worry, because
legitimate users will relay through their ISP's mail servers.

Hmmmm. Dodgy.

Phil Randal Home:
Worcester, UK
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