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SubjectRe: Linux kernel modules development in C++
>>>>> "Timur" == Timur Tabi <> writes:

Timur> I haven't tried C++ in Linux drivers myself, but I assume it
Timur> can't be any more difficult than what I had to do for OS/2.
Timur> Five years ago (imagine that - OS/2 is years ahead of Linux in
Timur> this regard), I hacked up a method for getting C++ code to
Timur> compile into an OS/2 device driver. I had to write some extra
Timur> code, but it was really no problem.

And most people would said that Linux is years ahead of OS/2 because
we thought the issue through and concluded that C++ does not belong in
the kernel.

The issue keeps coming up on this list and every single time it gets
shot down with good technical reasons. Go search through the mailing
list archives or kernel-traffic and see why.

I just wish the linux-kernel FAQ would remove the rubbish about C++
actually being superior to C in some cases it had in it last time I
looked at it.

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