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Subjecti815e related

Our company is going to purchase some hardware to run Linux
We're looking forward into getting i815e based ASUS motherboards,
and I will be really glad if you could help me figure out the following
hardware support questions I couldn't figure myself.

I've searched the LKML archive and Intel and few other sites,
but didn't find enough straightforward answers concerning
the more/less complete Linux support of ASUS CUSL2-M (i815e)

Here are the things:

Is the 82801BA Contoller Hub (ICH2) supported (would I get ATA-100
Searching through drivers/pci/pci.ids (test9-pre7),
I found 82801AB (ICH0?) only.

Is AD1881A (AC'97 audio) codec supported?

There's also onboard 3C905C NIC ASIC,
would that work with 3C905 driver?

Thanks a lot,
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