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SubjectRe: pcmcia cd-writer
On Thu, 28 Sep 2000, Richard Polton wrote:
> I have been advised that PCMCIA cd-writers are not supported by Linux.
> Is this true and
> if so, will they be?
That strongly depends on what type of interface is used by the PCMCIA card. By
definition a complete CD writer will not fit into a PCMCIA slot ;)
So an interface is in use.
There are several adapter cards for PCMCIA. I for example have a PCMCIA SCSI
card which would attach to a pretty standard SCSI CD writer. This again should
then work if the PCMCIA SCSI card is supported (as a side note: there are
several PCMCIA SCSI cards supported by the pcmcia-cs package). If the card
implements another interface you might be lucky.
So on the bottomline you will have to check what type of interface your PCMCIA
CD writer uses and if _this_ is supported.

> Thanks,
> Richard
nils faerber

kernel concepts
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