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    SubjectRe: Linux kernel modules development in C++
    ** Reply to message from Horst von Brand <> on
    Wed, 27 Sep 2000 21:47:07 -0400

    > > Yes, it's more important, but I've looked at the assembly code that my
    > > C++ compiler generates, and it's very clean. In fact, when you're
    > > writing code that by design is OO, then using C++ tends to generate
    > > better code, not worse, since the language more closely matches the
    > > design.
    > Your compiler being? I for one wouldn't trust others, C++ is still very
    > much in flux in gcc...

    Watcom C/C++ 11.0b, which is soon going to be open source. It's not available
    for Linux, however.

    > The kernel is OO in design, just not written in C++. And as I said before,
    > you either redesign Linux from the ground up for C++'s idea of OO, or use
    > wrappers and pay the cost in bloat and performance. Neither is acceptable...
    > maybe for a specific case, but not for general use.

    I'll agree with that.

    > Gripe #1 is complete nonsense (not _that_ thread again...), gripe #2 is
    > mostly nonsense (sure, Linux could still have the internal interfaces from
    > 1.0, but the cost would be prohibitive for an OS that wants high
    > performance on machines that are at least an order of magnitude larger than
    > they were then).

    Oh, I understand why #2 is necessary, that doesn't mean that I don't hear
    people complain about it anyway. On a side note, I consider lack of a real
    kernel debugger to be evidence for #1. But I don't want to kick that dead
    horse again.

    > I'd be a bit more careful. It is in large part those "completely
    > ridiculous, nobody will ever be able to write decent software that way"
    > whims that got Linux to where it stands today.

    Very true!

    Timur Tabi -
    Interactive Silicon -

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