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    SubjectRe: Linux kernel modules development in C++
    ** Reply to message from Tigran Aivazian <> on Wed, 27 Sep
    2000 20:10:49 +0100 (BST)

    > at the bottom of each message there is a url to lkml FAQ - have you read
    > it? It should say (I haven't read it myself but it _should_, Richard you
    > hear this? :) plainly that Linux (or any UNIX) kernel development in C++
    > is a very bad idea and explain why. Because C++ is not yet a mature
    > programming language for tasks where precise knowledge of the generated
    > code is required (and probably will never be). Think of C programming (in
    > the kernel) simply as an assembly programming but using compiler as a
    > useful shortcut generator, instead of typing tedious (and most
    > importantly, arch-dependent!) sequences of instructions. Just a way to
    > save time, and still remain in total control of what the resulting code
    > will do and precisely how it will do it.

    Why is that important? Sure, the kernel itself may need that level of control,
    but 90% of device drivers don't! As long as you have a decent C++ compiler
    (one that creates clean code, like Watcom's does), and you don't try to use
    esoteric features like exception handling, it should work just fine.

    Timur Tabi -
    Interactive Silicon -

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