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SubjectRe: Posting to this list without 500 bounces?


You can have a mail account on one of my servers for FREE and FOREVER.
I would be happy to host an email account for you if you like. What do
you want your account to be? I will create an email account, and if you
want this, then tell me and I'll have our IS guy forward you a password.


"Mike A. Harris" wrote:
> This message may be seen by some to be OT, but it concerns
> replying to messages from this specific mailing list, so I'm
> asking it here.
> My ISP's smtp is in ORBS and they don't seem to give a shit, and
> mails to this list get 50 bouncebacks because of it. So, I set
> up my local MTA to send directly from home, instead of via the
> ISP's SMTP. I figured despite the slowness, it would solve the
> problem. Now I'm getting back all sorts of bounces from machines
> blocking using something at "" which
> appears at a glance to be some list of all ISP's dialup modems or
> something - meaning using my dialup machine with my own MTA is
> going to be just as bad or worse.. SIGH.
> Short of switching ISP's, is there some recommended way to get
> mail out to the list without getting blocked by drop dead spam
> filters? Please feel free to throw me at another list that is
> more appropriate, or flame away, or whatever.. I'd just like to
> get this stupid MTA problem over with so I don't get 50 bounces
> due to ORBS blockers, etc..
> For the record, even though it is killing me right now, I agree
> with the usage of ORBS and similar services for privacy and spam
> blocking. Feel free to flame me for that too. ;o)
> Again, sorry if you feel this is OT, but I don't have this
> problem on other lists, and someone here likely has a good
> answer.
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> Mike A. Harris - Linux advocate - Open source advocate
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