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SubjectRe: [Demo program]: Poor elevator performance in 2.4.0-test9pre6
<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en">
<br> wrote
<p><u>I doubt this has any relevance whatsoever, but when I try this on
a 2.2.16</u>
<br><u>kernel running on top of a Pentium Pro 200 w/96megs of mem w/ a
SCSI 2</u>
<br><u>disk, I get some funny numbers:</u>
<p><u>matt@zeus:~/cwork/personal$ ./elv_test 8 30</u>
<br><u>files created, 240 megs written at 4.32 megs/sec</u>
<br><u>finished writing 240 megs written at 1794.23 megs per sec</u>
<br><u>finished reading, 240 megs read at 1675.813817 megs/sec</u>
<p><u>Any ideas why I would be getting these numbers?</u>
<p>That will teach me to play fast and loose with checking error returns
from system calls. I wasnt specifying a mode when creating the files.
<br>So they were being created without user write permission..
<br>I dont know why it worked under 2.4.0. Maybe a kernel bug :-).
<p>Anyway, a new version is available now at <A HREF=""></A>
<p>Robert Cohen
<br>TLTSU, Unix support
<br>Australian National University</html>
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