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SubjectRE: Russell King forks ARM Linux.u
Hello Alan;

> I can see where his confusion arises, but yes you are right,
> people need to be
> able to mix the 16x50 driver with the sa1100 driver. The ppc
> people went through
> fixing this.

Yes you should be able to mix 16x50 chips with sa1100 chips. That is not the
issue. I believe that people can place any mixture of IC's on a PCB.

> HPA can I suggest the description for major 4 minor 64+ is
> amended to be clear
> that its the 16x50 driver.

That may help others but it is still not the issue.

> The proper way to manage ramdisks like that is to open each
> possible set of
> ports and find which one fits your need - or of course you
> can use devfs which
> for an embedded setup with flash based root may in fact be a
> very attractive
> solution for other reasons too

We have thought of the above solutions and I believe that Erik Mouw has a
one line fix that will make everybody happy about the serial port. IMHO, the
current problem is that Russell gets too angry to talk about this issue. I
believe that no problem can be solved with a flame war going on. That is why
I decide to stop speaking with him about the serial port issue. He then
decided to block the e-mails. So here we are.

Best Regards,


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