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Alexander Viro wrote:
> On Wed, 27 Sep 2000, Christopher W. Curtis wrote:
> > Not subscribed, so please Cc: if you reply...
> >
> > I'm just jumping in on what is probably a huge overblown thread full of
> > "make it a config option" suggestions, but regarding the BigIron (NUMA)
> > (&c) patches ...
> ??? <greps through archives>
> What thread? All I see is a single reference to, excuse me, Slashdot.
> Which is equivalent to "National Enquirer says that..." No offense, but
> assumption that tabloids bear any relation to reality is quite, erm, odd.

Sorry ... I read it at ZDNet after seeing it at Linux Today, then saw it
at Slashdot. Figured I couldn't be the only one who spouted off an
uninformed email to the list, but perhaps I am the only other person in
the world ignorant enough to do so. =)

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