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SubjectProblem with 2.2.17 & DVD-RAM

At work we have the Panasonic 101 & 103 DVD-RAMs (which can read CDs,
DVDs, PDs & DVD-RAMs). We also work with NT. Under 2.2.14 (and before)
the DVD-RAM showed up as device sdb. This allowed us to read PD disks
(650MB MO disks) which were formated under NT as either "Super floppy"
or (I think) FAT disks. However there was a problem when using the
DVD-RAM with an ext2 filesystem as it did not recognise that there
was a media change, which ended with a reformat of the DVD-RAM disk
being required unless the cache was fluhed.

With the removal of the GHOST list, the DVD-RAM now shows up as sr0
(which makes more sense). However, we now cannot write to a "super
floppy" PD disk without trashing the disk. Reading seems to be OK, as
does creating zero length files, but creating anything bigger means
that the disk cannot be accessed under NT nor mounted again under
Linux. Also we can't mount FAT formatted PD disks as the sr devices
don't support partitions (but doing an fdisk to find where the
partition starts and then a dd to copy it to disk and mounting that
image through the loopback device works....but isn't ideal...). But
the good news is that we can read our ext2 DVD-RAMs and that the media
changes are now noticed - no more corrupted DVD-RAM disks!

I've looked through the mailing list archives but haven't noticed
anyone reporting this problem. We're using the stock 2.2.x kernel with
the NFS3 patches on (& looking forward to 2.2.18!) with a mix of
Debian 2.2 & Redhat 6.1.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Matt Nottingham
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