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SubjectRe: Linux kernel modules development in C++

> > - C++ gives overhead. With something like a kernel that's unwanted.
> C++ gives an overhead only if you abuse it. The C++ code in my drivers does
> nothing that the equivalent C doesn't also do, except that it's easier to read.

It gives overhead. At least, a year ago with gcc.

> > - Things like exception handling is hard to do in a kernel.
> Again, you don't need to use exception handling in order to use C++. None of
> my C++ drivers use exception handling, and they don't need to.

You implement C++, or you don't. I hate things only partially implemented
/ used, it's a pain in the ass.

> > - The're a lot more people that know C than C++
> True, but all the driver programmers I know personally already know C++.

C++ is a total different aproach of working things out. I think that will
collide with the way of thinking that is 'in' the current kernel right


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