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SubjectRussell King forks ARM Linux.

As you probably know Russell King is the maintainer of ARM Linux. Him and I
have been debating how serial ports should be handled on an off for months
now. IMHO, today he lost it, declaring that he was going to block all
e-mails from Compaq, which means he can not recieve any more ARM Linux
patches from us. I have tried every method that I know of, to work with
him, but he has cut off all commutations. So starting tomorrow, we will be
submitting patches directly to the kernel mailing list, since Russell will
not even receive our e-mails. I will also be setting up an ARM mailing list
and web pages, for those that wish to participate. It is too bad that
Russell has decided to create a fork in the ARM Linux tree. It is his

Attached is his e-mail for the curious.

Best Regards,


George France,
Cambridge Research Laboratory, Compaq Computer Corporation
One Cambridgecenter MS: CRL
Cambridge, MA 02142 USA

> Since this issue raises your blood pressure to an explosive level, I will
> not bother you again. I can handle this without you.

And thus you shall. I shall not be accepting anything further from you.
Call this what you will, but you have brought this on yourself and your
organisation. I am NOT going to work with incompetent selfish people who
refuse to listen to reason.

Good luck, we'll benefit without your uninformed arguments.

From this point on, I shall be blocking you and your companies email
I don't want to hear from you ever again. You're not worth the bandwidth

Appologies in advance to anyone at the old domain who can listen
to reason, I've had enough of this shit.
|_____| ------------------------------------------------- ---+---+-
| | Russell King --- ---
| | | | / / |
| +-+-+ --- -+-
/ | THE developer of ARM Linux |+| /|\
/ | | | --- |
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