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SubjectPosting to this list without 500 bounces?
This message may be seen by some to be OT, but it concerns
replying to messages from this specific mailing list, so I'm
asking it here.

My ISP's smtp is in ORBS and they don't seem to give a shit, and
mails to this list get 50 bouncebacks because of it. So, I set
up my local MTA to send directly from home, instead of via the
ISP's SMTP. I figured despite the slowness, it would solve the
problem. Now I'm getting back all sorts of bounces from machines
blocking using something at "" which
appears at a glance to be some list of all ISP's dialup modems or
something - meaning using my dialup machine with my own MTA is
going to be just as bad or worse.. SIGH.

Short of switching ISP's, is there some recommended way to get
mail out to the list without getting blocked by drop dead spam
filters? Please feel free to throw me at another list that is
more appropriate, or flame away, or whatever.. I'd just like to
get this stupid MTA problem over with so I don't get 50 bounces
due to ORBS blockers, etc..

For the record, even though it is killing me right now, I agree
with the usage of ORBS and similar services for privacy and spam
blocking. Feel free to flame me for that too. ;o)

Again, sorry if you feel this is OT, but I don't have this
problem on other lists, and someone here likely has a good

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