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SubjectRe: Linux kernel modules development in C++

> Yep.
> - OO != C++. It's a style of programming and while you can do OO in C++
> you can easily do it in other languages (or do non-OO in C++, indeed)

OO is indeed != C++. But since it's a relative if C, it's the most
suitable option to use in the kernel.

> - A _lot_ of the kernel code/design is inherently object-oriented. So
> pardon our collective scepticism when YAC++Advocate comes along waving
> the "OO ergo C++" underw^Wflag

OO design had nothing to do with OO implementation. I can design a system
totally in OO, and implement it in C. Really stupid thing to do I think,
but it's possible..

I think there was a thread about C++ in the kernel a while ago, I'll see
if I can find it.



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