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Subjecthdb errors with 2.2.16
I just upgraded the motherboard and case on one of my boxen.  Win2k
installed fine, but when I went to install linux on the second HD, I got the
following errors while formatting it.
[writing inode tables] - slackware kernel:hdb:irq timeout:status=0xd0 {busy}
slackware kernel:ide0:reset:success
and later
writing superblocks, etc - slackware kernel:hdb:irq timeout:status=oxd0
slackware kernel:ide0 reset timeout:status=0x80 {busy}
slackware kernel:hdb:status timeout:status=0x80 {busy}
slackware kernel:hdb:drive not ready for command
slackware kernel:ide0:reset:success

I have a Tyan Tiger 133 motherboard (dual capable, currently single). It
uses the Via Pro133A chipset.
hda=20gb maxtor
hdb=15gb maxtor
I don't know much about kernel programming, although I have three years
experience with linux. Any information about what this message means would
be very helpful. I am using kernel 2.2.16.
--A. Valys

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