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SubjectRe: Bonding Driver Questions + security warning
Willy TARREAU wrote:
> Hello Constantine !
> I also needed to be able to detect a failed link and to remove the
> guilty interface from a trunk between a linux box and an Alteon A708
> switch. So I've just written a little patch against 2.2.17 to implement
> the BOND_RELEASE ioctl (Thomas Davis cc'd for this). I also quickly
> modified Donald Becker's ifenslave to make it ifrelease (cc'd too).
Good news!

> To check the link state on an MII-compliant interface, I've also modified
> Donald's mii-diag prog to make it monitor the link and exec a script with
> two parameters : the interface name and its state. Of course, this script
> should call "ifenslave bond0 $2" when $1 is "up" and "ifrelease bond0 $2"
> and "ip l set $2 down" when "$1" equals "down".
> It has worked for me during a few tests with some tricks. I don't have
> any more time to spend on it during the next few days, but since I
> need this, I think I'll rewrite something cleaner, including a more
> generic ifenslave with release capability.

It's funny, yesterday I got my hands on mii-diag as well. I reduced it
to just a few lines of code that check the link status and was going to
daemonize it today. I cc'ed Thomas Davis on this. I was thinking though
more in lines of not executing the scripts, but taking the code from
ifenslave to enslave or relase the interface in the daemon itself. So
your ifrelease comes very handy indeed. I understand that ifrelease
requires your patch to the bonding driver, does it not?

Thanks for the patch and the code.

Constantine Gavrilov
Unix System Administrator and Programmer
Xpert Integrated Systems
1 Shenkar St, Herzliya 46725, Israel
Phone: (972-8)-952-2361
Fax: (972-9)-952-2366
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