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SubjectNFS problems - 2.2.16 (RedHat)


(Lycos hat is now in the *on* position.)

I maintain a decent number of Linux boxes, generally PII boxes with 256M - 1024M
of RAM. These boxes work as web servers, but pull much of their data over NFS.
(The NFS servers are Network Appliances.) Under Linux 2.2.16, I will
occasionally see NFS hangs. That is, a NFS mount point will die on a single box
(or on multiple boxes), any processes that attempt to access that point will
freeze, etc. (df, for instance, will never return. Eventually, I can ^C out of
it.) This *ONLY* happens on uniprocessor boxes, never on any of my dual

The kernel log doesn't report anything out of the ordinary for our boxes. We do
occasionally get messages that we momentarily can't talk to one of the NFS
servers or another, but those errors happen on both the uniprocessor and
multi-processor boxes.

So, is this a known issue with 2.2.16 NFS? Does the NFS backport in 2.2.18 do
anything to resolve these problems? Is there a dedicated NFS mailing list that I
haven't found yet?

Thanks so much,

Joe Pranevich
Lycos Production Support

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