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SubjectRe: 3c59x problems solved -- mostly
On Wed, Sep 27, 2000 at 11:26:09PM +1100, Andrew Morton wrote: 
> The sensible alternative, of course, is to use a multicast filter. The
> 3c905B/C does have a 256 slot hash filter. Unfortunately (and
> uncharacteristically), 3com forgot to document it. However it _is_
> implemented in 3com's own GPL'ed driver. This driver is bundled in
> RedHat 6.x and is available at
> . It's worth
> visiting that site just for the amusement factor of having to click on
> "I agree" for the license. It's the GPL!
> Even better, port 3com's code to 3c59x.c and send me a patch :)

I admit, I got a major kick out of the GPL being a click-through licence
:-). Anyway, given that 3com's driver has this extra hardware support, what
advantage does that give? is there anything that their driver does better?

Curious cuz I have a 905B,
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