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SubjectRe: Russell King forks ARM Linux.
On Wed, 27 Sep 2000, George France wrote:

>As you probably know Russell King is the maintainer of ARM Linux. Him and I
>have been debating how serial ports should be handled on an off for months
>now. IMHO, today he lost it, declaring that he was going to block all
>e-mails from Compaq, which means he can not recieve any more ARM Linux
>patches from us. I have tried every method that I know of, to work with
>him, but he has cut off all commutations. So starting tomorrow, we will be
>submitting patches directly to the kernel mailing list, since Russell will
>not even receive our e-mails. I will also be setting up an ARM mailing list
>and web pages, for those that wish to participate. It is too bad that
>Russell has decided to create a fork in the ARM Linux tree. It is his
>Attached is his e-mail for the curious.

If that was a personal email from him to you (ie: not public)
then it was very distasteful and disrespectful of you to post it
here publically. You should have at least quoted the header
lines to make it clear...

Just my $0.02

Mike A. Harris - Linux advocate - Open source advocate
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