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Subject[RFC] Additional pad in struct stat(64)
Hi Linus,

In the last weeks I've done some work on implement real working
4.4BSD file flags for Linux. This stuff does almost work.
(No, I don't want to submit it for 2.4 - don't hit the D key :))
Besides some syscalls (chflags, fchflags, lchflags) this needs
an additional field in struct stat.
On 32bit architectures this shouldn't be a real problem -
we have a new struct stat64 and adding a field before Linux 2.4
and glibc 2.2 are out shouldn't be a real problem.

A much greater problem are the 64bit architectures:
- alpha has a really small one, even without the dev_t and time_t
pads and should probably moved to a layout like struct stat64 in
- mips64 has a struct stat like mips' struct stat - because no one
seems to use 64bit binaries on it it shouldn't be a real problem
(Cc'd Ralf because of this).
- same for sparc64 - but some 64bit bins seem to exist - not shure
about this one (Dave?)
- IA64 is very new and has some place on top of struct stat -
but I'm not familar with it so I'm not shure what to do.

And when (if) we are adding pad, additional 96bits shouldn't hurt,
so we don't need a new struct stat version for every little change.



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