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SubjectRe: the new VM
> > i talked about GFP_KERNEL, not GFP_USER. Even in the case of GFP_USER i
> My bad, you're right I was talking about GFP_USER indeed.
> But even GFP_KERNEL allocations like the init of a module or any other thing
> that is static sized during production just checking the retval
> looks be ok.

Okay, I'm user on small machine and I'm doing stupid thing: I've got
6MB ram, and I keep inserting modules. I insert module_1mb.o. Then I
insert module_1mb.o. Repeat. How does it end? I think that
kmalloc(GFP_KERNEL) *has* to return NULL at some point.

Killing apps is not a solution: If my insmoder is smaller than module
I'm trying to insert, and it happens to be the only process, you just
will not be able to kmalloc(GFP_KERNEL, sizeof(module)). Will you
panic at the end?

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